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Sweet As

The Breakfast Club meets the outback in this uplifting coming-of-age road movie by Nyul Nyul / Yawuru director Jub Clerc.

With problems on the home front, 15-year-old Murra is on the verge of lashing out. That is, until her policeman uncle thwarts her self-destructive behaviour with a lifeline: a “photo-safari for at-risk kids”. Murra isn’t entirely convinced, but she soon joins cantankerous Kylie, uptight Sean, happy-go-lucky Elvis, and camp counsellors Fernando and Michelle on a transformative bus trip to the Pilbara. On the trail, the teens learn about fun, friendship and first crushes, as well as the forces of ‘reality’ that puncture the bubble of youth.

  • Director Jub Clerc
  • Producer Liz Kearney
  • Executive Producers Robert Connolly & Robert Patterson
  • Production Company ArenaMedia

Sweet As premiered at MIFF 2022 and is due for theatrical release on June 1, 2023.

Awards and Screenings

Berlin International Film Festival, 2023 Winner, Crystal Bear – Generation Kplus

Toronto International Film Festival, 2022 Winner, NETPAC Award

Melbourne International Film Festival, 2022 Winner, Blackmagic Innovation Award