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A Little Bit Longer

August 2020.

While the rest of Australia is returning to a new kind of normal, Melbourne is deep into a pandemic stage 4 lockdown.

In the midst of this lockdown, artist and musician Tom Whitty wrote and recorded the excellent “A Little Bit Longer”. I loved the track so much, I asked Tom if we could make a film clip together for it.

We put out the call to Melbournians to send us their home videos from lockdown and received hundreds of submissions in response.

So here is a clip shot by people in lockdown, to a song written and performed in lockdown and edited in lockdown. We hope it might be a little time capsule of this moment and is dedicated to all our Melbourne friends, family and neighbours who just need to hold on for a little bit longer.

  • Director Tom Whitty

Awards and Screenings

This clip is available on YouTube